is a vibrant town, famous for its annual Rhododendron Festival held in November. Spring is the most picturesque time in Blackheath when colourful flowers seem to be everywhere.

Rhododendron Garden (The Campbell Rhododendron Gardens) covers an area of about 45 acres and is well worth a visit. Comprising exotic plantings of rhododendrons, azaleas, japonicas, maples and other deciduous trees as well as pristine native plants, the garden is beautiful indeed.

Located on a narrow mountain range, Blackheath ensures magnificent mountain scenery on both sides.

Govetts Leap Lookout is incredibly popular, offering a spectacular panorama of the Grose Valley. This high-elevated platform provides the stunning view of the famous Bridal Veil Falls – the highest falls in the Blue Mountains of sheer 180 metres. In the mornings the sun and the wind play with the waterfall sometimes, creating a rainbow effect.

Evans Lookout provides an alternate vantage point for a vista view into the Grose Valley. Catching afternoon sun the cliffs get intense orange with different shades. The vastness of the wooded terrain below and the deep blue sky above will make you impressed and speechless.