Frequently Asked Questions

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If it is hot, may I wear shorts and thongs?

According to Transport for NSW, ‘a pillion passenger must wear fully-enclosed shoes and must be fully clothed, including having the arms and legs covered’. This is for your safety, in order to eliminate the risk of burns against the exhaust pipe.

If it is really hot, we recommend you to put on breathable pants and light shoes. You will not feel hot during the ride though, as the fresh wind will cool you down. Please, make sure your legs are fully covered.

Do I have to pay National Parks entry fees?

The tours include all the National Parks entry fees. You should not worry about that.

If you wish to visit some private garden, some fee may incur, being paid directly to the owner of the garden.

Can I have a photo of me on a rider’s seat?

Yes, of course you can. Please feel free to ask your guide to take photos of you any time you wish.

My Gift Card is due to expire soon but I do not have time to make it on a tour before expiry date. What should I do?

Just make a booking before expiry date on any day convenient for you, even if it is three months after Gift Card's expiry date.