Insurance & Safety Measures

Vista Adventure TOURS holds Public & Products Liability insurance with Allianz Australia Insurance Limited. You are covered for any Personal Injury for up to $10,000,000.

You may also consider to take Comprehensive Travel Insurance especially if you travel from overseas.


In order to make your tour safe and enjoyable you will be provided with Safety Equipment such as full-face crash helmet with visor, protective jacket and riding gloves.

You need to wear pants or jeans, and fully-enclosed shoes or boots. If you do not wear them, you could be provided with the pants and boots, as this is the requirement of the Australian law.

To enhance your experience, you will be provided with Scala Rider Device, a two-way communication system which also allows listening to your favourite music and receiving phone calls.


During the tour, please, observe the following Safety Measures:

  • Keep your feet on the passenger pegs
  • Lean comfortably on the backrest
  • Hold firmly the passenger handholds. (Different gripping positions on the handholds may be more comfortable for different manoeuvres)
  • Never touch the parking brake pedal with your left foot
  • Stay clear of the exhaust pipe to avoid burns
  • Avoid turning around or leaning sideways, except to keep balance in a turn
  • When crossing an obstacle, hole or bump, rise slightly off the seat without locking your elbows

Feel free if you want to stop and take a picture of a beautiful place. After all, you are on a tour to enjoy your time!